How To Prevent Gut Issues While Traveling, According To A Gut Health Dietitian

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Traveling has many perks, but unfortunately, it can also be hard on our gut and trigger some uncomfortable symptoms!

Between the busy schedule, being in a different environment, disruptions to your sleep and eating routine (not to mention trying new foods and cuisines!), it’s no surprise that our gut could use a little extra love while we’re away. 

But don’t worry – as a functional gut health dietitian, I have some great ideas on taking care of your gut while traveling to avoid constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain, and bloating. 

So if you’re looking for helpful tips for ensuring your gut is happy and healthy next time you hit the road – keep reading!

#1 Mineral Support 

Minerals are KEY for gut health and supporting energy levels. That’s because minerals activate thousands of reactions in the body such as making energy, enzymes and hormones (1). Therefore, if your minerals are out of balance, your gut won’t function properly.

Minerals also help with staying well hydrated, which is a challenge for many when traveling and a MUST to prevent constipation! 

A few of my favorite mineral powders that come in portable packets to make optimizing hydration and mineral status easy on the go: 

#2 Digestive Bitters 

Digestive Bitters help stimulate digestive secretions like stomach acid and bile production, both of which are essential for digestion and to reduce gas and bloating (1). I love taking digestive bitters before meals (aim to take them 10 min before eating & let them sit on your tongue for 10-20 seconds to help stimulate the bitter receptors before swallowing) or adding bitters to sparking water after meals to help ease digestive discomfort.

Emphasizing bitter foods like arugula, radish, radicchio, and citrus are also excellent choices to reduce bloat and stimulate digestion. 

A few of my favorite bitters brands: 

#3 Magnesium Supplementation

Traveling can sometimes make our digestion sluggish and cause discomfort and constipation. Magnesium is one of my go-to remedies for getting things moving while on the go. It helps maintain regular bowel movements and support a good night’s sleep, which can be disrupted during travel. 

Various forms of magnesium are available, but if you’re specifically looking to support bowel regularity, opt for magnesium citrate.

The recommended daily intake of magnesium is 300-400 mg. Just be mindful that if you notice your bowel movements becoming too loose, you might have taken too much magnesium.

#4 High Protein Snacks 

Do you struggle to get enough protein while traveling? I know the feeling! Protein is essential for keeping your blood sugar and energy levels in check.

That’s why I always leave home with my stash of high-protein snacks. Here are a few that love: 

#5 Boost Your Fiber Intake 

When you’re on the go, it’s crucial to make sure you’re getting enough fiber daily. One way to do this is by incorporating fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds into every meal.

But if you need an extra boost, consider trying a fiber supplement like Regular Girl.

It contains Sunfiber, a prebiotic fiber that can help with both constipation and diarrhea. It’s non-fermentable, so it won’t cause gas or bloating like some other fiber powders.

And the best part? It’s completely tasteless, making it super easy to add to your morning beverage! 

#6 Up Your Hydration 

Traveling and staying well hydrated can be a challenge, but don’t worry, I have some easy tips to keep you refreshed and energized!

Here’s the first thing you need to know: always keep water within reach. Brands like Hydro Flask or Corkcicle are perfect travel companions. 

And to stay properly hydrated, aim to drink at least half your body weight in ounces (for example: if you weigh 150 lb, you’ll want to aim for 75 oz of water).

Oh, and if you enjoy a drink or two, make sure to have a big glass of water after each alcoholic beverage.

Want to take your hydration game to the next level? Try adding one of those mineral packets I mentioned earlier – they’ll really boost your hydration.

#7 Skip The Airport Food 

Skip the overpriced and not-so-gut-friendly options at the terminal and bring your own delicious and easy meals. Not only will you save money, but your stomach will thank you. 

Here are a few of my go-to options when I travel: 

  1. Hard boiled eggs 
  2. Chia seed puddings 
  3. Mason jar salads
  4. Bento box lunches and snacks

Download my go-to travel & gut friendly recipe pack, here!

As you prepare for your next vacation, keep in mind that taking the right steps ahead of time to support your gut health can make a world of difference!

By incorporating some of these tips — like magnesium supplementation, hydrating with mineral-rich beverages, adding bitters for digestion, and enjoying a variety of nutrient-rich snacks — you’ll be sure to keep your gut happy and stay energized so you can make unforgettable memories in whatever great new places life takes you. 

Don’t forget to download my go-to travel & gut friendly recipe pack, here!

Is your gut troubling you so much that the idea of enjoying travel just seems impossible? I’m here to help my clients regain their freedom so they can do what they love (like traveling!). Learn more about how I can help you and book a free clarity call here!

1- Lipski, Elizabeth. Digestive Wellness: Strengthen the Immune System and Prevent Disease through Healthy Digestion. McGraw-Hill, 2020.

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