Top 5 Gut-Friendly Protein Powders, According To A Functional Dietitian

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Struggling to maintain your protein intake while dealing with IBS, bloating or other gut issues?

You’re not alone. I find that most of my clients are undereating protein before we start working together!

Protein is essential for our gut health because it maintains and repairs the integrity of our gut lining. Additionally, protein helps to balance blood sugar, keep you satisfied between meals, support your metabolism and immune system, is required to make enzymes and hormones, helps to repair and maintain muscle tissue and SO much more!

While whole foods are the best sources of protein (think poultry, fish, eggs, beef, dairy, and soy), sometimes we need a little help to fully meet our protein needs.

That’s where protein powders come in!

But if you’ve tried them before, you know that finding one that doesn’t upset your stomach can be a real challenge.

Often ingredients like gluten, dairy, additives, sweeteners and fibers in protein powders can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable!

That’s why I’m excited to share my favorite gut-friendly protein powders with you.

In this blog post, I’ll share 5 of my favorite gut-friendly protein powders to help you meet your protein goals without triggering your IBS or other gut issues. All of them are free of gluten, dairy, sweeteners, additives and fibers that can be tough on the gut.

My Top 5 Gut-Friendly Protein Powders:

Drink Wholesome (vegan and egg white protein options)

Drink Wholesome protein powder is made with ONLY whole food ingredients, contains no added sugars, artificial flavors or fillers. As a result, it’s a great option for anyone with gut issues and tastes fantastic too! 

Vega Made Simple (vegan)

Vega’s Made Simple line offers protein powders made with pea protein and a just a few other natural ingredients. If you don’t like the taste of monk fruit or stevia, this option uses a bit of real cane sugar instead.

Be Well By Kelly (animal protein)

Be Well By Kelly is an amazing protein powder made with high-quality ingredients and a bioavailable protein source (beef protein isolate). It only contains three simple ingredients: beef protein isolate, vanilla or cacao, and monk fruit.

Vital Protein Collagen & Paleo Valley Bone Broth (animal protein)

These are two collagen-rich protein powder options. Collagen is beneficial for supporting gut health and healing the gut lining. Because it’s unflavored and has a smooth consistency, I love adding collagen to my coffee or matcha to boost protein intake with breakfast.

So how can you use these protein powders?

  • Add to smoothies and other beverages
  • Stir into oatmeal
  • Add to chia pudding and overnight oats
  • Add to plant-based yogurts
  • Add to pancakes and baked goods

Remember, protein is just ONE piece of the puzzle when creating balanced meals!

Want to learn my easy method for creating balanced, delicious, gut-nourishing meals?

Download my FREE Gut Healing Plate Method & Grocery Guide here!

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